You are powerful and skilled.

But you hate marketing... Is that right?

Trouble is...
 Giving the finger to marketing may make it more difficult to grow your business.
What if it could be easy?
>>>What if you could have a clear list of action steps to take each month to grow your business?
>>>What if you could do it with a group of other badass Thought Leaders who have your back?
>>>What if you were consistently provided not only inspiration about what to do, but step-by-step guidance on how to do it successfully? 
>>>What if you were consistently reminded, and guided to step into a state of BEING in alignment with your mission? What could change? What could expand?
Can you see what might be possible??





What good are your amazing offerings

if you NEVER share them with the world?

You have made something beautiful, or your work is life-changing,
let's get it out there! 

What you’ll get:

✓ Step-by-step trainings to create, and enhance your marketing in 6 areas of your business so you can generate more Connection, Freedom, Engagement, Profit, Visibility, and Expert Leadership

✓ An integrated path to automating more of your work so you can begin relaxing into your systems instead of constantly reinventing the wheel

✓ Increased Organic Reach: more traction, momentum, and response to what you share

✓ Inspiration, Ideas, Done-For-You Templates, and so much more, to inspire you to create HOT CONTENT that feels like you and attracts the right people into your world

✓ Technology Tips and Tricks to make you the master of marketing your business

✓ An Ever Increasing Stock Pile of Videos and Tools (made by you, about your systems) that will allow you to easily hire an assistant or VA in the future, to confidently hand tasks off to

✓ The Collective Consciousness of a powerful group taking action alongside you and cheering you on as you go

✓ One-on-one attention (Because MagIC is a hybrid between an individual coaching package and a group program.)

✓ And this should go without saying, but the intention of everything we do in this program is that you get more Consults, Clients, Exposure, Opportunities, and YESES!

Magnetic Influencer Collective is a 6-Month Group Adventure

JAM-PACKED with magic and marketing resources you can USE

Paired along-side a private coaching package and online course materials to meet you where you are!


What people are saying about MagIC...

"Molly helped me to see how I can take my business online, giving me multiple income streams. The online materials she provides have been such a help."

Suzanne Bonnen

"Before I started I didn't even have a complete list of my contacts. Now I have an entire set of tools available to me to continually reference that supports my business and marketing expansion. The MagIC workbook is epic."

Jennifer Eve Morey

"I LOVED the workbook! It really helped me plan each day and release that, "OMG, there's so much to do!!!" anxiety. I was afraid of "tech" and setting up systems--afraid of doing things wrong and choosing the wrong programs. I wasn't reaching anybody either. Now I feel great about the systems I do have, and I'm able to see a wider view of how they all work together."

Nan Kreuger
Founder of Groovy Home

"Before participating in the MagIC program, I was still just hoping my phone would ring or people would pop up out of thin air interested in taking one of my classes, I didn't even have a set schedule of class dates! Now, I have set my calendar out months in advance and am building momentum in marketing more deliberately to get the word out to my target audience. The most impactful part of the MagIC program was being a part of a small group where we're all working towards the same targets within our different businesses and having a place to share my ups and downs along the way. Molly is a powerhouse of information and makes moving into new directions easy. I love how she takes the wrongness out of things which helps me through my whole life, business and personal."

Rachel Sheard
Ricochet Body Solutions Owner

The MagIC Recipe:

Powerful Energetic Clearings (to Unblock your Expansion),
Innovative Marketing Ideas & Inspiration,
Easy to Follow Assignments,
and Community Support to keep moving forward with EASE.
The program includes...

12 LIVE 90min. Group Calls Covering

The 6 Keys to MagIC Marketing:

1. Connection  2. Freedom

3. Engagement  4. Profit

5. Visibility  6. Expert Leadership

(on Zoom, and recorded)

An Interactive Membership Portal

Complete with Videos, Templates, DONE-FOR-YOU Emails, Posts, Sales Pages, Video Scripts, and Recordings of all the group calls

A Six Month Action Guide Workbook

With Full Syllabus, Productivity Tools, Marketing Prompts, Checklists and more... (people love this workbook!)

Click-By-Click Walkthroughs

You will be guided to effectively utilize any technology that is recommended to you during the course.

Access to a Private Facebook Group

To share your wins, get feedback, and be supported through moments of doubt and struggle

Collaborative Compounding:

There will be opportunities each week to HACK the internet algorithms so your content gains organic traction. AND...

A Future Sustainability Plan:

Part of this program will be encouraging you to document your actions, so that you will be even more prepared to hire an assistant or VA with your precious new System of Operations folder in place. 

Pricing Options:

Paid in Full



Save money by paying in one installment.

One Time Payment

Fast Payment Plan



This will allow you to finish paying for the program before it ends.

6 Payments

Easy Payment Plan



You will be paying 6 additional months after the program ends.

12 Payments


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. See more in FAQ

Who is this for?

The Healer

The Healer who is on a mission to change the world and is ready to empower themselves in action

The Messenger

The Messenger who wants an easy to follow system to effectively get the word out

The Leader

The Leader who has been waiting to launch, stopping themselves from broadcasting, aching to get visible, and desires support & motivation to get going

This is for you if...

✓ You have something to invite people to, but for whatever reason you aren't

✓ You know who your people are

✓ You've been in business for a while and now it's time to RING the bell

✓ You hate "marketing", but you know more momentum needs to happen

✓ You sit in front of a blank screen wishing inspiration would strike

✓ You know there is an easier way, but haven’t found a path to it

✓ You feel a bit caged by the softwares and systems you know you need to use

✓ You are ready to take off and THRIVE, and desire an action plan to get there

✓ You wish it could be easier

✓ You know with just a little more accountability you’d be way more productive

✓ You enjoy playing in a group setting and love lifting others up as you rise

✓ You have your foundations in place

✓ You know it’s f*%$ing time…


What people are saying about MagIC...

"Before MagIC, I was not nurturing my audience very well nor being seen. I have at least 50 new people on my list and more people responding and clicking than before. People have mentioned that they really noticed a change. I am more organized and prepared. I feel that I can support the people that engage with me. I loved learning the strategy, how-tos, and the MagIC tools we used were awesome. I have a System of Operations now. I am able to talk about and invite people to my work and offerings with ease. I have a scheduler that is way better and gives me more control over my time and rest between. Molly is awesome. I love her ability to allow people to have their stuff/emotions and say the right thing. She helps you see a new perspective and give yourself permission to be you. She honors where you are at and reminds you that it is the right place to be. "

Amber Jane Arquette

"Before I started this program, I was feeling a constant latent anxiety about my business. Now I'm more at ease, and money is still flowing without doing much. The most impactful part of the program for me was Molly's support, resources shared and the container she created. I am so pleased that I continue to earn income, even with the lockdown and economic downturn. Molly is a great facilitator. She creates magic. "

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo
Midlife Midwife

"I am 100% satisfied with the program. Magnetic Influencer Collective served a purpose in my life in unexpected ways. I found the daily workbook, the community & the calls to be the most powerful parts of the program and I LOVE Molly's facilitation!! Super helpful. I love the way she speaks/teaches/facilitates."

Erin Vanderkooy
Founder of Erin Vanderkooy Wellness and P.O.W.E.R - Portland Oregon Womxn Entrepreneur Roundtable

I'm ready to...

✮ Master the art of marketing my mission, message, and business

✮ Systemize my workflow so that more things get done with less effort

✮ Tell the world what I do in such a way that my ideal clients lean in to working with me

✮ Organize my offerings so they flow into each other gracefully

✮ Get on the train to understanding, creating, and broadcasting with EASE

✮ Prepare myself now for the assistant, VA, or team, that I know I’ll bring on to support me in the future

✮ Have fun getting the RIGHT SHIT DONE to grow my business!

Pricing Options:

Paid in Full



Save money by paying in one installment.

One Time Payment

Fast Payment Plan



This will allow you to finish paying for the program before it ends.

6 Payments

Easy Payment Plan



You will be paying 6 additional months after the program ends.

12 Payments


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. See more in FAQ

What is it really about?

>>>It's about YOU...<<<

*Getting in front of more of your soul-mate clients

*Brainstorming and broadcasting in ways that actually build momentum

*Navigating the inner-game of business with new magic and big breakthroughs

*Mastering the tech worth tackling with easy to follow action-steps

*Getting your questions answered and feeling supported to go BIG

*Connecting with other powerful leaders who are expanding in the same ways you are

*Finding a new resonant sense of permission for allowing your path and creations to unfold in perfect timing

The Six Monthly Modules Include...



We will spend the first month doing research and learning to target our audience with words that resonate with them. Map the system to create deep connection.

*Find the Words

*Talk to your people

*Refine your message to CONNECT



What are the perfect offerings to create and what will make your content irresistible to your ideal audience? What can we set up now to pave the way for more ease and freedom later?

*Learn to Automate

*Batch your creativity to save time

*Create SPACE in your business & life



Learn the importance of story and the ‘rules of engagement’. We will discuss the magic of gamifying your client’s experience as they get to know, like, and trust you.

*Get responses, comments, consults, and hopefully clients

*Light people up to interact with you

*Make it FUN



Sales/Offers/Invitations/Next Steps/Shopping carts. What do you need to set up and know in order to be successful? Let’s put the dominoes in a row so it all works seamlessly.

*Refine your invitation prowess

*Make offers that are irresistible

*Systemize the process so it's easier to sell 



While we will be posting, sharing, and creating every step of the way, this module will focus even more specifically on social media, live streaming, and getting in front of your people.

*Get Seen

*Get Heard

*Share your message confidently



It’s time to take a stand. You are broadcasting now. This month will focus on getting all the remaining hesitation out of the way and inspiring you to launch your work confidently out to the world.

*Step into knowing you can do this

*Put yourself in the way of all that you desire

*Lead like the ROCKSTAR you are

In the "Magnetic Influencer Collective" Program
I will receive...

That is well over

$6000 in value,

not including the bonuses!

Bonus #1: Email Marketing Mastery Online Course

A 6 Week Self-Guided Course that will walk you through every step of creating a sales funnel, from free gift, to opt-in form, to email sequence, to next step offer.

***If you don't already have an opt-in, or free gift, so people can join your list, this will support you in creating one BEFORE the MagIC program begins.

Bonus #2: Private Marketing Strategy PACKAGE - 5 Hours!

You will receive 5 full hours of my specialized attention on your business, your offerings, your marketing, and your copy. Anything you want to focus on we can plow through it.

I work very fast and have specialized knowledge in the heart-centered creative language department, the powerful automated systemization realm, as well as unlocking limiting beliefs & re-patterning.

BONUS #3: The GAME! 

Magnetic Influencer Collective is exponentially enhanced by a fully integrated GAME. This Game will celebrate you every step of the way, encourage you to keep taking action, reward you for systemizing your brilliance, and give you chance to win PRIZES for taking action on behalf of your business.

Prizes range from exposure for your business, featured guest interviews on Tactical Magic Podcast, to more personal attention and 1-1 coaching time with Molly.

BONUS #4: FREE Access to The "How to Hire a Virtual Assistant" Workshop and "Build Your Team" DIY Course

Learn WHY you need a Virtual Assistant to grow and scale your business! So you can work less while increasing sales! You’ll learn how to identify the tasks you can take off your plate and how a VA can help support you in getting your time back so that you can focus on your greatest strengths!

Outsourcing is the key to scaling and building your business, from anywhere in the world! 

BONUS #5: Quiz Mastery

Using a Quiz to grow my list has been prolific. This 5 week homestudy course will guide you step-by-step to creating your own Client Attracting Quiz. From creating the topic and questions, all the way to automating the results and delivering the juicy emails and content to your people! 

This exact process allowed me to SEPTUPLE my list in 10 months. (That's 7X!!)



BONUS #6: Coworking!!

Part of the MagIC happens when we take action! I know it can be hard to stay on track or follow through on things, so we have 12 group coworking calls (on "off weeks) for you to show up, harness the creative power of the group, and get to work on your business.

(These are hosted but not structured. It's private work time for you to sit with the group and get productive!)

The value of this add-on is easily $1200, but totally free because I want to see you THRIVE!


That comes to....

That's over $5300 in bonuses

+ $6000 in the program

= More than $11,300 in VALUE

But of course, we want you in on this!

So the investment is only...


The first call is January 23rd, Noon PT.

That gives you time to use Bonus #1: "Email Marketing Mastery" Online Course

and get your list rocking BEFORE we get started with MagIC!


The first 5 people to register will also be given the opportunity to have a

FEATURED GUEST INTERVIEW on Tactical Magic Podcast!!!

(Did someone say 'exposure'?)

Pricing Options:

Paid in Full



Save money by paying in one installment.

One Time Payment

Fast Payment Plan



This will allow you to finish paying for the program before it ends.

6 Payments

Easy Payment Plan



You will be paying 6 additional months after the program ends.

12 Payments


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. See more in FAQ

More Happy Magicians...

"The invitation to let the Magic of my business come alive with ease and flow was such a gift. The systems that Molly created are brilliant, this program was designed so that we can implement with inspired ease, the added bonus; Molly is there to support and answer any questions along the way. Molly knows her stuff! The blessed up gift of this program was the community, the inspiring humans who are on a mission to bring their MAGIC to the world and we did it along side each other. Molly's facilitation was one part strategic, one part bad ass Creatrix, one part intuitive and all parts pure aligned and grounded magic!"

Kati Bissonnette

"I was with mailchimp and I was unclear about my message and did not have any funnels nor the idea of leads. Even though I am still working on my product and packages, I have a better understanding of how to now get people to the offerings I have. I also feel that I can envision my practice and business more clearly. I can see that I want to teach and heal, and how it can be presented on a platform. Before I thought I was nurturing my people... but I wasn't engaging them. Now with Molly's help I can reach out and touch people with my words. I am now building the funnels and invitations for get from the "free stuff" to the "paid stuff." Molly is real and genuinely wants to see you flourish. She focuses on what can help you step into more prosperity as well as alignment to your JOY in life."

Amber Jane Arquette

"When I began Molly's MagIC program I felt extremely overwhelmed with what systems I wanted to put in place and in what order I wanted to allocate my time. After MagIC I feel much more clear on the how and the why for my business in particular. It's been a slow and steady process for me and this program really helped by meeting me where I was at. I love the container Molly sets on each group call as well as the variety of people that were drawn to this program. This support made all the difference with being able to work my way through the incredible amount of organized and accessible content Molly provides. It's the perfect mix of business and spirituality. I always felt like I was in such good hands and so relaxed/at ease on every call feeling seen and supported with wherever I happened to be on that day."

Erin Vanderkooy
Erin Vanderkooy - Health Coach at Erin Vanderkooy Wellness

What's it actually worth?

💭Imagine waking up in the morning with email notifications announcing new clients have scheduled themselves for consultations, or while you were sleeping people had been receiving your content and purchasing your offerings.

💭Imagine sitting down at your desk and seeing that an automated post has already been receiving comments, likes, and shares, or an email that went out before you woke up has already gotten replies, thanking you for your message.

💭Imagine lying on a beach somewhere, or going for a hike in the mountains, knowing that your business is still growing, because you’ve systemized your operations and handed off tasks to the perfect support person, who knows just what to do thanks to the detailed set of tasks you’ve put in place for them.

💭Imagine walking into a networking event and someone pulling you aside, telling you they’ve been on your list for a while and they are so grateful for the amazing wisdom you’ve brought into their lives. Imagine how easy the following consultation with that person will be because they already know who you are and what you have to offer.

💭Imagine not pulling your hair out every time you need to set something up, or write a bit of copy, or announce a new offering. Imagine doing those things with JOY.

This is not a pipe-dream.

This is my reality, and I want you to have it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is ideal for coaches, healers, and leaders who are clear on their niche and who they serve. 

Those who have something to invite people to, even if only a consultation.

Entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least a year or two.

MagIC will be supportive in clarifying your message even further, but will be more difficult for entrepreneurs who are still unclear WHO they are targeting with their message.

Examples of a niche: single women healing from heartbreak, or adults with back pain, or health professionals who want to expand their impact...

This is not for anyone unwilling to try new things.

This is not for those who deem themselves 'uncoachable' and refuse to be supported. 

This is not for anyone who feels they are so new to business that they've yet to work with a single client or do a single consult. 

You don't have to be a pro, we are aiming to make you one. But this program will work best if you have an idea of who you want to speak to/work with. 

This is also not for those who are unkind or incapable of delivering constructive feedback. We are building a tribe of Warriors for Good.

Please be aligned with sharing, supporting, and encouraging others, and making comments that are in the highest good of all. 

The Group Calls are 90 min. every other Tuesday from Noon to 1:30pm Pacific Time.

2024 Spring MagIC Calls:

Tuesdays at Noon-1:30pm PST (with 1 exception)

January 23rd

February 6th & 20th

March 5th & 19th

April 2nd, 16th & 30th

May 28th (skipping the week of May 14th!)

June 11th & 25th

And July 9th

On the Off-Weeks we have a 60-minute Coworking call (still at Noon Pacific time) where you can harness the power of the group to get into action and get things done!

Great question!

Upon registering for Magnetic Influencer Collective you will have IMMEDIATE access to "Email Marketing Mastery" Online Homestudy Course.

This will support you in getting all your free gift/opt-in type ducks in a row so we can effectively lead people into your circle of influence when the MagIC program begins. 

You can also get started using your 1-1 calls with me. Book your first private session as soon as you register! 

You will have access to the course materials for one year from the start date.

The BONUS calls with Molly are to be used during the 6 months of the program or they will expire.

This will also be a spacious program, that you can continue using and repeating with yourself as time goes on. Most of the steps will be included in the action guide.

You will receive a printable PDF and Word doc each month with the action guide for that Module. 

The entire course will be conducted in the membership site, on zoom, in our private Whatsapp Chat forum, and in the Facebook group. 

You can pay the balance of what you owe at any time, and we will only charge you for the portion of the financing fee that you used. 

i.e. 6 pays = $225 fee divided by 6 months = $37.50/month

12 pays = $567 fee divided by 12 months = $47.25/month

The personal strategy calls must be used during the 6 months of the program. This is to maximize your productivity and effectiveness during the program.

Personal calls would best be used on a monthly basis and expire two weeks after our final group call. 


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. (Minus the cost of any materials sent to you, or any hours you've used with Molly 1-1.) 

Refund Requests must be made via PHONE CONVERSATION only, not via voicemail or email, and refunds will be processed 4-6 weeks from the date of approval.

No refunds will be given for quitting the program after completion of the first month or if you fail to participate in the first month's activities.

Feel free to email me with any questions not answered here:

molly (at) wildheartsriseup (dot) com

"Before working with Molly my business was running me. I always felt caught behind the eight ball trying to come up with content, marketing and lead generation tools to bring my services to my ideal clients. I now have a clear path to streamline my business front end and I am receiving cleaner leads because of it. Thanks to my work with Molly, my bottom line has increased and my overhead has decreased."

-Coach Lia Dunlap
The Oracle on Purpose

"I knew a lot of things in theory, but I wasn't really applying them in practice. Molly helped me to prioritize what I should be focusing on and to put good practices in place to make it happen. Sales went through the roof while working with Molly! We tripled our target! Not only that, but I have a lot more discipline now with the way that I reach out to current and potential customers. Do you remember in Star Wars, when the Rebels are going to blow up the Death Star, and you hear in the background of a particularly tense scene: "Stay on target..." - that's Molly."

-Katja Swift
Clinical Herbalist or Director, Common Wealth Herbs

"I felt lost in the world of technology, sales funnels, and writing copy. I desired more than anything to support new clients and reach more people. Working with Molly has been a life changing experience. Now, I have the tools to implement my sales funnel from start to finish. I am more organized with my list. I write copy that resonates with my ideal clients. AND, I feel like she made herself accessible for support when I needed it. I highly recommend Molly as a leader in this field."

-Lucia Pavone
Founder of Luscious L.O.V.E. Life

"When I started working with Molly, my business was very small and I was afraid to put anything out there to promote it because I didn't know how. I didn't know how to write or organize my copy. I got so much done in my time with Molly. I now promote my workshops and services often, and I am able to imagine my business getting even bigger. Molly is a supportive, inspiring, and understanding mentor."

-Jennifer Mason
Vitamin Chi Acupuncture

"An easy-to-understand breakdown of the big pieces I'd been procrastinating about forever. Also, the awareness about putting in the time NOW to gain some space and time LATER. I had been hovering in comfortable-land, NOT taking the steps I needed to take. Thanks to lots of support and super-clear steps from Molly, a juicy workbook and classes jam-packed with info presented in bite-sized chunks, I got a lot done. I was able to get a very clear, bird's eye view of the trajectory my clients travel with me. Molly is all about clearing the way for people to better serve the world--I feel so much more prepared and ready to do so."

-Madeleine Eno
Message Guide & Story Strategist

"Molly stays on top of the trends in marketing and tech and I trust her advice. I like that she has a great creative mind and jumps in with ideas that can help my business reach more people."

-Patrice Perillo
The Career Transition Expert

"Molly’s command both of the English language and how it’s used in sales without being sales-y as well as how to craft different marketing pieces is extraordinary."

-Dot Spaet
Engineer of the Human Body, Back Pain Specialist

Pricing Options:

Paid in Full



Save money by paying in one installment.

One Time Payment

Fast Payment Plan



This will allow you to finish paying for the program before it ends.

6 Payments

Easy Payment Plan



You will be paying 6 additional months after the program ends.

12 Payments


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. See more in FAQ

I look forward to working with you...

There is nothing I love more than helping powerful leaders, visionaries, and healers, make a larger impact in the world by reaching more of their people.

I can’t wait to support you in finding so much more ease and joy in your business, and marketing your work like the badass you are.

Your people are waiting for you to show up loud enough, with the right message, so they can hear you and receive from you. Let’s turn your magic all the way the fuck 'ON' so your people can be magnetized to your brilliance.

-Molly Mandelberg, Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up and Creator of "Magnetic Influencer Collective"

Molly Mandelberg, Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, is an expert in helping coaches, healers, and thought leaders to reach more of their soul-mate clients. She supports them in creating the strategy, content, and systems to have their own heart-centered sales funnels so that they can make a bigger difference (and more money) with less time spent. Finding your perfect niche and catering specifically to those you can best help is a fine art, and one worth mastering. Molly knows that the energy we bring to our business is as important, if not more important than the things we actually create. If you want to be inspired to take action, find the courage to reach for more, or get clarity on how to do so, Molly Mandelberg & Wild Hearts Rise Up may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Get off the fence...

I know this is a big leap for some people. If you'd like to discuss if it's right for YOU, right now, please book a call with me and we can discuss your business and whether this program is a good fit.
An aligned yes, or no, are both worth celebrating.


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