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Join this powerhouse group as we...

*Choose a software

*Step-by-step install your quiz

*Map the entire funnel to follow it

*Write HOT copy

*Design emails that contribute and invite

*BUILD YOUR LIST with a Fully Functioning QUIZ FUNNEL!

>>Yes! I'm in!

Fresh Ideas & Support

Bring your idea to life with an amazing community that has your back and is ready to test your quiz and give you feedback.

Step-by-Step Training

You will have access to walkthrough videos that guide you, click-by-click, to set up your quiz on a software that works for you. 

Done-For-You Templates

Take it easy with downloadable word docs that you can edit and reuse for your emails, welcome pages, sales pages and more!

In 5 Action Packed Weeks, You'll Get...

→A FULL Funnel Map and comprehensive list of action items

5+ Weekly Training Videos (Released each Monday morning)

5 Weekly Q&A Call Recordings

Done-For-You Templates for emails, sales pages, etc.

Membership Portal with all resources easy to access, week by week

Exclusive Quiz Mastery Facebook Group, for support, celebration, & discussion

Opportunities for 1-1 Support from Instructor Molly Mandelberg at a discounted rate!

What's in store...

Week One: Map the Funnel

Figure out all the pieces and begin brainstorming what information and copy will go where. You’ll receive a full funnel map as well as a syllabus of the entire action plan to create a complete, functioning funnel to follow your quiz.

Week Two: Write the Copy

For the welcome page of the quiz, the emails to follow up with results, the sales language to use for the next step offer, as well as the sales page for that offering.

Receive done-for-you templates to write hot emails, guidance to make beautiful videos or PDF’s, and my EPIC Sales Page template to make sales pages that convert.

Week Three: Flesh out Results and Invitation

Finalize the details of your powerful Results contributions and make sure you’ve placed your next step invitation in all the right places so your quiz takers can’t miss it.

Week Four: Choose a Platform and Build Your QUIZ!

(This happens in Week 4 so that you save money on a platform, until you are fully ready to build out the funnel and launch.)

In this module you’ll receive walk through videos to create both mapping and scoring quizzes, on two of my favorite platforms. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay a big monthly fee to have a beautiful quiz that works.

Week Five: Connect the Dots and Offer the Next Step!

Make sure your quiz funnel is functioning properly. Learn how to test it in a variety of ways so that the right emails go out, the results get to the people they’re meant for, and then send it to friends to test it even further, before driving traffic.

So you're getting...

5+ training videos to walk you through developing your entire Quiz Funnel (Value $997)

With a fancy membership portal to readily access all the tools (Value $197)

A funnel map, done-for-you templates, & easy to follow PDF’s (Value $497)

Weekly Q&A Call Recordings to hear some awesome Questions Answered (Value $497)

A Private Facebook group to collaborate, celebrate and get feedback ($Priceless)

That’s over $2100 worth of value!

For only $777!!!

Or 3 Monthly payments of $300

The Program Starts NOW!

Claim your spot quick!!!

Money Back Guarantee:

Nobody wants to keep something that doesn't work for them!

If you participate in the entire program, and still feel that it wasn't worth your investment, you can request a full refund.  (Within 35 days of purchase.)

This is for you if....

You are growing a business

If you're ready to build your list and expand your reach so you can serve even more people with your powerful work... This is for you. 

You have a mission

If you know you are here for a reason and you know that your movement will have a greater influence with a larger following... This is for you.

You are a leader

If you are a leader, you know that it takes an audience and a message to make a difference. If you're ready to do that in a FUN new way... This is for you. 

"I felt lost in the world of technology, sales funnels, and writing copy. I desired more than anything to support new clients and reach more people. Working with Molly has been a life changing experience. Now, I have the tools to implement my sales funnel from start to finish."

Lucia Pavone
Founder of Luscious L.O.V.E. Life

"I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of having to use technology to build my business. I had no idea how to build a list and start running programs online. Molly taught me how to use technology that I didn't think I would be able to learn."

Whitney Gordon-Mead

"Thanks to lots of support and super-clear steps from Molly, I feel so much more prepared and ready to better serve the world."

Madeleine Eno
Message Guide & Story Strategist

I'm ready to...

*Create a fun, dynamic quiz that will build my list and grow my business. 

*Add value to my people beyond my current offerings.

*Get to know my audience and interact with them exactly where they are.

*Get in on the world of gamification and making it fun for people to learn from me. 


What's it actually worth?

It wasn't until I started growing my list to the point that my soul-mate clients signed up for things when I offered them, that I realized the value of list-building. 

Imagine sending out an email to thousands of people about a special thing you have going on and seeing emails come back with folks ready to get started.

Imagine doing that while lying on a beach somewhere... Yes, I've done that. 

Imagine no longer trying to crack the code of online marketing, and actually having something you can't wait to tell people about, that people can't wait to take part in. THAT'S WHAT HAVING A QUIZ IS LIKE!

My list is growing by over 100 new leads per week from my quiz. 

I did the math, just so I could add these stats here: (In the last 2 years, since I set my first quiz up...)

49% -> NEARLY HALF of my one-on-one, Top Level clients took my quiz, and 8% of quiz takers have taken me up on the low-cost offering that comes at the end.

There is always room to improve. I am often reworking, testing, and tweaking little details, even though it's working.

Step #1 is setting the darn thing up.






Is it worth it?

I know that it's expensive to run a business, I myself have invested over $40k in growing my business and I want this to be an easy yes.

The potential return on this investment is far greater than the cost of this course. I know what's possible with a larger list and the right offerings in place. You can SO do this.

Money Back Guarantee:

Nobody wants to keep something that doesn't work for them!

If you participate in the entire program, and still feel that it wasn't worth your investment, you can request a full refund.  (Within 35 days of purchase.)


What does the program require of me?

There will be 5 weekly releases of content via the membership portal. Videos and templates to guide you through creating your funnel. You can digest them at your own pace. 

Each week there will be a call recording released from the live running of this program, these are a great way to see some relevant questions answered. 

What if I decide I don't want to make a quiz and want my money back?

If you participate in the entire program and still decide that it's not for you, you can have a full refund. (Within the 35 day window.)

What if I need more support?

You will have access to special discounted sessions with Molly, only available at this rate during the program. If you need further support, you are also always welcome to request feedback and insights in the private Facebook group. 

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to this course for at least one year. As well as access to any new information that get's posted inside in the future. 

What if I don't actually want to build it myself?

If you decide you'd like to upgrade to a 'Done-For-You' VIP Quiz Package with Molly, your payment for this program will be deducted from the cost of that package. 

What if I missed the 5 Day Challenge?!?

I'm so glad you asked! I put the entire 5 Day Challenge (videos & PDF's) in the membership portal so you can easily refer to it as often as you'd like. <3

Is the entire program accessible immediately?

Content will be dripped to you each week on Monday mornings. 

What about live calls? 

You're joining the homestudy version of this course. If you'd like to attend the LIVE Q&A calls that happen twice a year, please email molly(at)wildheartsriseup.com and you'll be notified about the next round of upcoming Q&A calls. 

Question not answered? 

Feel free to contact me with any other questions: info (at) wildheartsriseup (dot) com

I'm so excited to share this magic with you!

Hi! I'm Molly Mandelberg, creator of this course and total quiz/gamification/automation geek.

I travel full time as a digital nomad, running my business, seeing clients virtually, leading workshops, and doing speaking gigs all over the country, while on the road. This is only possible because of all the fabulous systems and online tools I've put in place. 

I can't wait to get started and show you all the wonderful ways you can get to know, entertain, and inspire your people with your magnetic Client Attracting Quiz Funnel! 


Don't want to do it YOURSELF???

Does the idea of writing all that content, and putting the quiz together yourself sound like a total nightmare? (Even with support, resources, and a group to build it with?)

I've got your back!



*All the copy

*All the tech

*All the emails

*All the connecting of the dots

$5,000 for all the bells and whistles!

Note: Does not include price of your chosen software to host the quiz,

or ads strategy, or budget to drive traffic, once it's complete. 

You will have many opportunities for input and can request edits,

up to 2 edits per item to be used within 30 days of delivery.


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