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You being you, is the ultimate adventure.

What if there's nowhere to get to? 

What if your life is meant to be enjoyed? 

What if that enjoyment actually makes every aspect of your life run more smoothly?

We are not proposing to give you an action plan, every path is different...

We are also not going to promise that we are any further along the path of awakening, or figuring out the game of life than you are...

However, we get off on talking about this stuff, and we know that you might really love the frequency of this conversation too.


Why make a podcast about it?

For us, playing life as a game has lead to financial success, miraculous opportunities arising, doors opening that were hidden before, synchronicities that make the path suddenly clear, profound healing, and more depth in our relationships. 

We know that when we get into this high-flying vibe, anything is possible. 

We want that for you too... a high-flying vibe, awareness, knowing, & trust that anything is possible. 

This is for you if...

  • You're on a path of awakening.
  • You have been seeking the key to happiness, fulfillment, or greater expansion in your life.
  • The thought of stepping out of the matrix lights you up.
  • You are the creator of your reality, or you're ready to believe you are.
  • You've always known you were different and it's time to unleash your superpowers at last. 

What's possible?


But to be more specific...



A mind that allows your physical reality to shift. 

A deeper connection to your highest self. 

Awareness. Growth. Self-actualization. Transcendence.


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What's the buzz?

"Molly and Chris are two of the coolest, most conscious folx I know. I love hearing about how they see the world. Every time I tap into this conversation I feel lighter and more present to what's possible in my own life."

Audra Grady

"Molly Mandelberg and Chris Tomasso are two woke-ass visionaries on a mission to have a shitload of fun on this plane, while inspiring others to do the same, in a heart-centered way. I've come away from every conversation with either of them feeling inspired and excited for the future! They are each deeply insightful, dynamic individuals that bring light to the lives of others. Together they pure magic! Transformative to listen to!"

David Knox

"So engaging & inspiring! I’m really enjoying these conversations between Molly and Chris. They’re real, empowering, perspective-shifting and oh so refreshing... the conversations and the hosts!"

Megan Walrod

"So Insightful & Fun! This is such a great podcast, full of the purest intentions and so much wisdom to fuel your life & soul! Highly recommend it!"

Kat Om

"Time to Gameify! Love this podcast! Can’t wait for more! It is fine for me to up-level and play this game of life harder ✨✨"

Cali Simpson

"Mind Opening, Inspiring, and Enlightening! Important messages the world needs to hear."

Grecia Karlsson

"What a gift! More of this please... you two are moving our understanding of consciousness forward!"


"Outstanding Thought Provoking Content Molly and Chris combine their individual talents and creative minds to deliver this incredible new podcast. A wonderful potion of all things consciousness that, when consumed, leads to upleveling at the unconscious levels. This is media worthy of consumption! Put this good stuff in you and you are going to get good stuff out (in your behavior, thoughts, etc.). Love every minute!"

Dena Justice

Meet Your Hosts:

Chris Tomasso

Chris excelled from a young age. It wasn't until adulthood that he realized the game of life was a little different than the academic world he had quickly mastered. 

After searching and trying all kinds of tools, Chris found his way to a healing/awakening experience that changed everything. 

Life became a pleasure cruise in a way he had only dreamed about before. He lives in Hawaiian paradise and does gamification and transformational narrative consulting for businesses that do good in the world. 

After having his own direct experiences, (and 'getting' some powerful truths about the game of life) he loves to talk about what he's learned and the roundabout way he discovered his new reality. 

Molly Mandelberg

Not your average digital marketer, content creator, or business strategist, Molly runs her 6-figure business from her self-converted sprinter van, while traveling the world full-time. (i.e. living her dream)

She has been in the conversation of consciousness for a lifetime, (maybe more than one) as she was brought up believing in the Law of Attraction. 

Molly's awareness of the magic available to her has continued to expand and evolve. She's built her career on synthesizing that magic, with the practical tools of running a business, to support coaches and healers to go big.

When she's not gallivanting and being a boss, she makes art, writes books, and snuggles her chiweenie, Atreyu. 


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