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It's time to get your client-attraction website up, so your people can find you. 

Yes! I want in!

Get Your Client Attraction Website Design!

Learn easy ways to make your site beautiful, simple and streamlined. Wouldn't you love to direct the viewer's eye across the page so it lands on all the right things?

Get Your Powerful Message Out!

Master the art of creating copy that is inspiring, engaging and positions you as an expert. Learn what to say on each page, so they know your work is for them

Start Booking Your Clients Automatically!

Make it easy for your ideal, soul-mate, divine appointment clients to say, "I want that!" Make it your forte to offer them the obvious and inspired next step.

Is There A Big Blank Space Where Your Website Should Be?

Are you afraid to invest in a website because it might not turn out the way you want?
Worried it won't convey who you are, or the importance of your great work?
Or maybe you're stuck because you're not sure what to even put on your site... Is this you?


Without a Website, it can feel like nobody will ever find you because they can't look you up online!
With prices for web design going through the roof these days, it's no wonder you're in a tough spot. 
Don't worry, you are not alone!


Hello Wild Woman! 

It's Molly Mandelberg and Jenn August and we're so glad you found this page.

If you're like many business woman we're blessed to work with...we know how having the wrong website design and the wrong copy can make you feel overwhelmed, confused and downright frustrated... 

(Especially if you hired the wrong support or a team that totally didn't match your business culture.)

It's not your fault...

But we know how having a website that attracts the right clients into your business can help you serve more people doing what you love, while getting paid really, really well for your gifts and expertise!

We may never get all the ducks in a pretty row, but we CAN get over some hurdles and getting your website up, painlessly, is one task we can handle right now.


Know this:

1. You DEFINITELY don't need to pay a fortune, to have an awesome website

2. You don't have to go in blind

3. You don't have to do it alone


Why Wild Women Shine Online is Right for YOU: 

You will get:

* 6 WEEKS and 13 unique sections of guided step-by-step support to create a beautiful, professional and personalized website

* Page-by-page insights to make sure the messaging on your site is clear, engaging and connects with your audience 

* Walkthrough Videos to support you in all the heady tech stuff

* Fill-in-the-blank templates to bring out your juicy, heartfelt, & magnetic copy

* Expert tips to support you in positioning yourself like a PRO

* Everything you need to know to buy a domain, purchase hosting and get the skeleton of your client-attraction website standing on it's own two feet

* Exclusive training about how to make clear calls to action that convert visitors into paying clients


This program includes:

* Weekly trainings on both the content development and technology systems you'll need to implement/create

* A beautiful membership portal that slowly guides you through the steps of creating your client attraction website

* Videos, Templates, Worksheets, Audios and SPECIAL BONUSES for those who act fast!


The Scheduler Checklist

($197 value)

This step-by-step guide will assist you in setting up your online appointment scheduler! We will walk you through integrating it with your personal calendar and embedding it into your site. 

The List-Builder’s Blueprint

($197.00 Value)

WTF is an Autoresponder and how do you set up an email sequence that sells? This Bonus will show you how to both set up your list AND connect it to your site so you can follow up with your people with ease.

Mindset Success Audio System

($297.00 Value)

Success Mindset Expert Jenn August's best-selling audio sets will help you train your mindset to start saying YES to more opportunities, more clients, more money and more support!

Insider's Guide to Web Designers

($197.00 Value)

How would you like a list of all the questions to ask when/if you hire a designer?! (So you don't get ripped off or flustered in the hiring process.) With this guide you'll be sure to get the perfect website built!

Act FAST to get ALL the Bonuses Above AND this Extra Exclusive Training:

Sign up soon to receive a never-before released, video training on “The Inspired Creation Technique: The one way to ensure that you never again create something that doesn’t sell." As well as a comprehensive worksheet to implement the technique RIGHT AWAY! (Value - PRICELESS)
If you see this fast action bonus + the other cool bonuses at the shopping cart, then awesome!
It means you can still get them for FREE!!
Take advantage of the bonuses right now while they're still available. 

Let's do that math, shall we?

Course - $997 Value
The List Builder’s Blueprint - $197 Value
The Scheduler Checklist - $197 Value
Mindset Success Audio System - $297 Value
Insider’s Guide to Web Designer - $197
Fast Action Bonus - The Inspired Creation Technique - Priceless!

That’s $1882 in value for

ONLY $197


80% Off the Regular Program Price!!

with over $888.00 worth of valuable bonuses!

(Act fast to keep the bonuses!!)

$197?! This Ridiculous DEAL Won't Last Long!

You're people are waiting for you!

81% of potential clients will look you up online before they consider buying from you... What happens when they can't find anything about your business online???

This program is for you if...

  • You want to finally get a website up but you don’t know where to start
  • You don’t know what your website should say to express who you really are
  • You know it’s time for a website but you don’t want to get ripped off
  • You don’t know how to use a website to actually attract clients
  • You really want to find people you can trust to help you with your website & your website copy so you can attract your divine right clients into your business

Jenn August

Jenn August is the Founder of You Shine Online Client Attraction Websites, A Success Mindset & Business Marketing Expert. She helps business owners remove their blocks so their business rocks & helps them create profitable & soul satisfying businesses.

Molly Mandelberg

Molly Mandelberg is a tech-savvy strategist, creation coach and founder of Your Money Machine: The Wild Woman's Approach to a Heart-Centered Sales Funnel. Molly supports coaches, healers, change-makers and visionaries to expand their businesses in a way that allows them to reach more people and make more money with less time spent.

"I knew I needed more of an online presence but kept putting it off because I couldn’t find the right person to work with. Molly’s on top of the trends in marketing and tech and I trust her advice. I like that she has a great creative mind and jumps in with ideas that can help my business reach more people."

Patrice Perillo
The Career Transition Expert

"I love the idea of website justice and I wanted to know how to hire a web designer. Jenn helped me understand what my website needed to look like to attract the right clients for me. I learned how to be the boss of my website and take charge of this vital promotional tool."

Energy Healer

"Molly’s command both of the English language and how it’s used in sales without being sales-y, is extraordinary. She took my hum-drum copy and seemingly effortlessly reworded my stuff to sound infinitely more compelling."

Dot Spaet
Engineer of the Human Body, Back Pain Specialist

"Jenn taught me how to build my own website. It was 10,000% easier than I thought it would be. I saved so much money doing it myself. I love being in control instead of waiting for my web designer to make changes to my site."

Wellness Coach

What if you're not satisfied?!

We are confident that this course will support you to learn how to build your site, set up amazing content for it and if you decide to, hire the perfect person to assist you in the creation process, BUT we also stand by this opinion with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Hate it, and we'll give you your money back!

Join this comprehensive program for only $197!

Step-by-step videos and fill in the blank templates to walk you through everything you need to know to get your client-attraction website up and running!


What platform does WWSO teach?

This is a program about developing your content for any platform you choose. And we also walk you through building your very own website on WORDPRESS.

What if I don't have time to complete the course?

Wild Woman Shine Online is a home-study program. That means that you can take it in at whatever pace works for you. Gobble it up as you receive it, or take it in small bite-sized pieces. You call the shots on that. 

What if I can't figure out how to do it all?

We are here to support you. This course will give you all the information you need to either build your own website OR have a conversation with a web designer and know what questions you need to ask. Also, at the end, we'll give you the exclusive opportunity to have your site built by one of our specialists for a ridiculously low cost. Only those who invest in the course receive that chance. 

How can this course really help me?

If you've been feeling stuck on any aspect of your website: The Content, The Visual Appeal, The Potential for it Converting into Clients... We are going to go into detail on all of those things, so you feel supported and ready to change the freaking world with your mission driven work. If there is another resource out there as comprehensive as this, we haven't found it. (That's why we made it.)

Have another question?

Go ahead an email us with any other concerns that are coming up: info (at) wildheartsriseup.com


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